Deion Sanders Gives Passionate Halftime Speech Up Multiple Touchdowns

Deion Sanders wasn't happy with Jackson State being up big over the weekend against Texas Southern.

Jackson State beat Texas Southern 41-14, but was up only 21-7 when the teams headed to their locker rooms for halftime. That simply wasn't good enough for the head coach of the JSU Tigers.

"We should be dominating this game, but everything we said not to do is what we doing. Self-inflicted wounds," the Jackson State head coach told his players during halftime Saturday against Texas Southern.

"We way better than this. It should be a beatdown right now. 21-7 and they happy about it," Sanders continued as he tried to amp up his guys.

This is the same game from when Sanders called out the "bullsh*t" rumors about other coaching jobs. Sanders was creating a ton of content for fans against Texas Southern.

He lit a fire under his guys at halftime, despite being up multiple touchdowns, and then made it clear he's not meeting with other programs this week.

Deion Sanders' halftime speech clearly worked because the Tigers came out and outscored Texas Southern 20-7 in the second half.

By the time the clock hit zero, it was a complete and total blowout for Sanders and JSU.

The team is now 9-0 with two regular season games left. Can Deion Sanders make a run for an FCS title? It certainly looks like he's geared up to do just that. If it happens, prepare for Sanders' rumors to officially explode off the charts.