Deion Sanders Chops It Up With Terrell Owens Before Giving Stern Message To Jackson State Players

Deion Sanders and Jackson State's game against Alabama State came with a lot of controversy. Not in the final score, but in how the home team acted toward the visitors.

The Tigers traveled to Montgomery, Ala. to face the Hornets and were met with a lot of hostility. Before the game even began, Coach Prime was getting cussed out by the home team. It wasn't their fans who did the talking, it was the players.

Alabama State players, who were unprovoked, swore at Sanders as he walked past them and into the locker room during warmups. That is not something that happens on a frequent basis, if ever. Opposing players do not curse in the direction of the head coach they are facing. At least not to his face.

Coach Prime, who has dealt with critics and haters his entire playing and coaching career, was not bothered by the jarring, but it doesn't make it any less wild. The Hornets continued to talk their talk during the game and even went so far as to call a water girl a "B—ch," which isn't cool at all.

On the other side of things, Deion Sanders and Jackson State weren't phased by Alabama State's talk.

Sanders linked up with a fellow NFL Hall of Famer, Terrell Owens, and chopped it up on the field before kickoff.

If that wasn't cool enough, T.O. walked out with the team from the locker room.

Owens is from just outside of Montgomery, so his decision to be with the visitors was a big statement. Sanders didn't want it to stop there.

As Alabama State talked its talk, Coach Prime made it clear that Jackson State would not be doing the same. He pulled them in tight before kickoff and told them to speak through their play and establish dominance with the final score.

In the end, the Tigers did just that. Jackson State beat Alabama State 26-12 and more than doubled the home team's offensive output.

After the final whistle, Hornets head coach Eddie Robinson Jr. snubbed Sanders during the postgame handshake. Brutal day for Alabama State.