Data Indicates The Big Ten Should Add These Programs Next

The best teams to join the Big Ten might surprise some fans.

USC and UCLA will join the B1G in 2024, and the belief is the B1G will likely add several more schools before all the dust settles.

The Big Ten seems to be focused on raiding the PAC-12, but data compiled and crunched by FiveThirtyEight yielded some interesting results.

FiveThirtyEight compiled a list of schools the Big Ten should target based on sports success, fit for the B1G and market. The results were pretty interesting.

As expected, Notre Dame came in at the top of the list as a tier one target. That makes perfect sense, and it's not a secret the Big Ten is openly gunning to add the Fighting Irish.

Notre Dame has a huge footprint, a historic football program and a massive alumni base. Add in the fact it's in Indiana, and it's the perfect fit.

The tier two schools for the Big Ten to target are North Carolina, Oregon, Florida State and Washington.

The Ducks and Huskies are both currently in the mix to join, and as any B1G fan would tell you, FSU and UNC would also make outstanding additions.

The tier three schools are Clemson, Utah, Miami, Stanford and Cal. This is where things get a shade interesting. Stanford and Cal have very little market, and yet, both are in the mix to join the B1G.

Meanwhile, Utah is likely headed for the Big 12. Clemson and Miami are both interesting options to consider.

Clemson has an outstanding football program, and at the end of the day, we all know that's all that matters. The Tigers have won a pair of national titles under Dabo Swinney, but is their star fading?

I don't think so, and I would welcome the Tigers with open arms. Same goes for Miami, despite the fact the football program has faded significantly. Nobody else who hasn't been mentioned really matters.

If I were breaking it down, here's how the list would look.

That would be my top ten, and I think most Big Ten fans would agree. Every team on that list adds to the TV market and brings an athletic department that can compete at a high level (outside of Cal).

Who do you think the B1G should add? Let us know in the comments!