Dan Campbell Jokes He Got Drunk Watching The Vikings/Eagles Game

Detroit Lions coach Dan Campbell continues to be an absolute quote machine.

The Lions play the Vikings on the road this Sunday, and that means Campbell has to be laser focused on everything Minnesota is doing.

That included tuning in for the Monday Night Football matchup between the Eagles and Vikings, and he joked he had a few drinks along the way.

"Normally, like any fan would. I fell over backwards in my chair drunk after the second half, I couldn’t even take notes anymore. Woke up, couldn’t read my notes. But I’m back in this morning, took some aspirin, we’re good," Campbell jokingly told the media when asked how he scouted the game, according to Will Burchfield.

Is Dan Campbell the man or is Dan Campbell the man? The answer to that question is obvious, and the answer is yes.

He's an electric factory, and pretty much every single time he speaks, it's must-watch content. Look no further than his time on "Hard Knocks" for proof of that fact.

Dan Campbell doesn't take himself too seriously.

Most football coaches behave like they're generals in a war zone. Everything is serious at all times. Not Dan Campbell.

He's not afraid to cut it loose and have some fun. Whether it's joking about getting drunk while scouting or wearing a racing helmet to a press conference, you simply never know what he's going to do.

The Lions are currently 1-1, but might be the most entertaining team in the NFL thanks to Campbell's incredible energy and awesome quotes. With most of the season still left, I have no doubt he will continue to crank out amazing content. If that means joking about getting drunk, so be it.

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