Dabo Swinney Makes Blunt Comments After Notre Dame Loss

Dabo Swinney didn't mince words after losing Saturday to Notre Dame.

The Fighting Irish absolutely manhandled the Tigers 35-14, and it's one of the most embarrassing losses for Swinney's team in a long time.

Clemson went from looking like there was a path to the playoffs to getting crushed by a marginal at best Notre Dame team.

After the game, Swinney addressed the media and made it clear the Fighting Irish were definitely the better team on the field.

"This was an ass kicking, period. That’s what it is. Just flat out got our tails handed to us. Again, in 14 years, it hasn’t happened a lot. It’s happened a couple times, a few times along the way. We’ve handed out a bunch of them, too. Tonight, we were the bug. We got the bad end of that deal, and we deserved every second of it," the two-time national champion explained, according to The Clemson Insider.

Clemson and Dabo Swinney are now in big trouble

It's not hard to understand why Swinney was fired up Saturday after getting crushed by Notre Dame. The path to the College Football Playoff is now as narrow as it can be.

Even if the Tigers win out, there's no guarantee there will be a spot for them in the CFP. They don't play a ranked team the rest of the regular season.

The only opportunity for a quality win will be in the ACC title game, which will almost certainly be against UNC.

However, given how bad Clemson looked Saturday against Notre Dame, Dabo Swinney and the Tigers might end up watching the CFP from the couch no matter what happens.

That's not to say Clemson is totally dead. They're not, but the path forward has exactly zero room for error. Any single other misstep and it's over.

It was definitely an "ass kicking," and now fans will hold their breath the rest of the way hoping for the best.