Curt Schilling Talks Who He Wants On The Hill In A Do Or Die Game

We have learned while listening to The Curt Schilling Baseball Show Podcast, that Curt speaks his mind. On the show, we talk about all thing's baseball.

We continue to ask our readers and listeners to submit questions for Curt to answer on the show. Curt wants to talk about topics you all are interested in.

On Thursday, a great question arrived in our email, and I posed it to Curt. Who does Curt want to pitch in a Do or Die game? His answer makes a ton of sense.

The stats back his opinion up.

Curt Schilling Hall Of Fame Numbers

He pitched in 19 games in the Post Season. His record of 11-2 is good for the best winning percentage of any pitcher in MLB history with over 10 decisions.

In those 19 appearances he had a 2.23 ERA and 120 K's.

He won World Series with three franchises; he is the pitcher to do so.

Curt Schilling pitched in five games where his team faced elimination. His teams were 5-0 in those games and his ERA was 1.37. He pitched in three series clinching games, and his team won all three. His ERA in those games was 1.16.

You ask any objective baseball expert who they'd want pitching in a do or die game. There is truly only one answer, the same one Schilling gave on the Podcast.

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