Colts DeForest Buckner On Loss To Jags: 'That Sh*t Was Embarrassing'

The Indianapolis Colts suffered a brutal 24-0 loss to the Jacksonville Jaguars, and defensive tackle DeForest Buckner knows it.

Well, everyone knows it. It was hard to miss such an atrocious loss. Lucky for us we didn't have to answer questions about it afterward.

Buckner did.

"The sh*t was embarrassing," Buckner said after the game, according to ESPN. "We got our ass whooped. We have to come in tomorrow, take it on the chin and grow from this."

I suppose he's right. That's the best you can do in a moment like this. Learn from your horrifically embarrassing performance that played out on a national stage.

Head coach goes a different route than Buckner

So, then what did Colts head coach Frank Reich have to say about it? Well, he went a significantly more diplomatic route.

"As pathetic as that was today, where this is and where we need to be, the distance is not that far," Reich said.

That seems like a bit of a spin. Getting shut out in embarrassing fashion by the Jaguars doesn't seem like you're in the same zip code as your goal.

Reich knows that too, and he went on to acknowledge it while at the same time rallying the troops for the next 15 games.

"We have the players and coaches to do it. I know that doesn't play in the outside world and I'm fine with that. We'll take our medicine, and I'll take my medicine, and we'll just keep doing what we do."

It's the Colts second loss to the Jaguars in their last four games overall, dating back to last season. Indianapolis needed to win just one of its final two games last year to reach the postseason, but QB Carson Wentz played terribly in losses to the Raiders and Jags.

The Colts brought in Matt Ryan, who was supposed to solve their biggest problem. So far, he has not. The team is now 0-3-1 since the calendar turned to 2022. Sure seems like they are further away than their coach would like us to believe.

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