College Volleyball Player Goes Full-Send Into Table For Unreal Diving Save, Gets Up To Make One-Handed Dig During Wild Rally

Houston libero Kate Georgiades put her body on the line for her team on Friday night. Her incredible effort made for an all-time volleyball highlight as the Cougars battled to a five-set win over South Dakota in the opening round of the NCAA Tournament.

With her team leading 5-1 in the fourth set, up two sets to one, Georgiades went full-send into a table.

No. 23 Houston, in its first postseason appearance since 2000, served to the Coyotes. After the two sides exchanged possession for a moment, South Dakota took a swing from the outside that rocketed over to the corner.

There, senior Morgan Janda got a touch on the ball but sent it sailing well beyond the service line.


From the five-spot, the AAC libero of the year (basically the best defensive player in the conference) took off in pursuit. As she inched closer and closer to a row of poorly-placed folding tables, she had a decision to make.

Georgiades could have either given up on the play, reached out as far as she could and hope to make a play, or yeet herself into the tables with reckless abandon. She chose the third of three options.

Georgiades got a clean touch on the ball and sent it back into play before diving head-first onto the table. With the incredible rally saved, her job was not done.

After getting back to her feet, Georgiades hustled onto the court and was immediately thrust into action. She made a ridiculous one-handed backset while falling to her knees to keep the rally alive.

15 seconds later, Houston secured the point on a kill from sophomore Kellen Morin. It was electric.

To make her diving effort even sweeter, Houstin won a thrilling five-set match and recorded its first tournament win since 1994. Georgiades' ridiculous save will forever live in school history.