College Soccer Coach Suspended After Seeking Bail Money, Makeout Sessions

A women's soccer coach at a college in Texas has been suspended after a group of student-athletes sent an anonymous letter to the school and the NCAA. The letter accuses her of making out with students and hitting up players for bail money.

This should go without saying, but those two things are generally frowned upon.

28-year-old Carla Tejas, head coach of the University of Texas Permian Basin, was arrested for DUI on September 11. At this point, she asked some of her players to help bail her out, and some did.

Soon after, a group of anonymous student-athletes wrote the letter. It levied additional accusations against Tejas including verbal and mental abuse, making out with members of the men's soccer team, and distributing alcohol to minors.

The letter claimed that after one player suffered a stroke, it was days before Tejas ever contacted her. She also allegedly encouraged her players to cheat academically, injure opponents, and adhere to strict dietary guidelines.

Those guidelines allegedly lead to some players developing eating disorders.

Tejas Also Faces NCAA Violations

Those are some of the more serious accusations, but Tejas also faces a bunch of NCAA violations. These include playing a starter every minute of every game despite being ineligible.

Then there is this one that sounds like she got the idea from an early-'90s sitcom:

That one is not as serious as some of the other alleged incidents, but it's certainly pretty wild.

The school is currently investigating these accusations while Tejas is on paid administrative leave.

“Our focus has always been and will always be unwavering support for student-athletes. Period. That doesn’t change now or ever. So I want to make that perfectly clear. Our support is clearly squarely on our student-athletes,” UTPB athletic director Todd Dooley said.

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