College Football Playoff Ticket Prices Are Incredibly High

Tickets to the College Football Playoff won't come cheap.

The field of four was released Sunday, and the semifinal matchups are between Georgia/Ohio State and Michigan/TCU. For fans hoping to soak up the action - especially the Bulldogs/Buckeyes game - they'll need to drop some significant money.

As of Monday morning, the cheapest ticket to the Fiesta Bowl between Georgia and Ohio State at Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta, GA is $495 with fees in SeatGeek.

The most expensive tickets are north of $50,000.

The Michigan/TCU game is cheaper, but it's still going to cost fans a nice chunk of change to get in. Michigan and TCU fans can get in the door of the Fiesta Bowl in Arizona for $390 including fees, and then the prices go as high as nearly $4,000.

So, the Wolverines/Horned Frogs matchup is definitely the economically friendly game, but it's still far from being light on the wallet.

No matter which game you might be targeting, it's going to cost some serious money. Throw in hotel, plane tickets, food and a few beers, and you're looking at a very expensive trip.

However, there's no guarantee your team will return in the near future. That's especially true if you're a TCU fan. If you have the money, you might as well shoot for the moon.

You can catch both games December 31. It should be an epic day of College Football Playoff action.