New 'College Football 25' Cover Reportedly Leaks: PHOTO

Another cover for "College Football 25" reportedly has hit the web.

Hype around the game has been off the charts, and EA Sports has struggled to maintain secrecy in recent days. The deluxe version cover leaked last week, and it now appears another one has as well.

The release date for the cover is set for Thursday. It looks like that's no longer necessary.

New "College Football 25" cover leaks.

Hayes Fawcett tweeted a photo Wednesday that allegedly shows the standard cover featuring Quinn Ewers, Travis Hunter and Donovan Edwards.

For what it's worth, the cover matches up *EXACTLY* with rumors flying around social media tied to a French publication. How did the French know? Your guess is as good as mine, but EA Sports hasn't confirmed the cover as of publication.

Give it a look below, and let me know your reactions at

If this is the cover that EA Sports officially announces Thursday (seems like a lock at this point), then it will be the exact same three players prominently featured on the deluxe cover.

Instead of the back of their jerseys, they've been flipped to face the camera. Three great players from three different conferences and three different positions.

Seems like a home run design from EA Sports.

Of course, people ultimately don't care much about the cover. Just give us the game! That's what we're craving. These leaks are awesome to wet the whistle but nothing will beat the game actually dropping in July. Let's hope it lives up to the hype, and definitely let me know your thoughts at

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