Colin Cowherd Doesn't Hire People Who 'Love' Golf, Claims That's Why Tony Romo Is Regressing As An NFL Analyst

Tony Romo plays a lot of golf, and is a good player, which is exactly why Colin Cowherd thinks he's regressing as an NFL analyst. In fact, Cowherd thinks anyone who loves golf eventually loses sight of their job.

Romo made his debut as an NFL analyst for CBS in 2017. While most would agree he was a refreshing and downright good voice in the booth, he's no longer the 'new guy' and some are growing tired of the former NFL quarterback's commentary.

CBS itself has reportedly urged Romo to take his job more seriously during a meeting prior to last season.

During a recent episode of his podcast, Cowherd made it clear that he doesn't believe Romo stepped up to the plate this season while pinning most of the blame on his love for golf.

“Romo wants to be on the Tour. He literally wants to be on the Tour. And what’s the first thing Aaron Rodgers does in the off-season, he goes and golf, he loves it," Cowherd explained. "Both, by the way, great golfers, especially Romo. But I’ve always felt like Tony Romo is one of those guys, and we all have somebody in our social circle like this, he got the golf bug, He’s had it for 15 years."

Colin Cowherd Steers Clear Of Golf Lovers

Cowherd went on to let it be known that he has a thing against any employee who has a love for the game. He went as far as to say he doesn't hire anyone who plays a lot of golf.

“I’ve used this for years when I would interview people and I was going to hire them,” Cowherd said, according to Golfweek. “If I had lunch or coffee with them, I always asked them if they loved golf. ‘Oh, I love golf. Do you love golf?’

“And if they said yes, I wouldn’t hire them. Because I always had this theory that as guys age, many of them get addicted to golf. They’re on, they’re putting in the backyard, they’re thinking about it at work, they’re scheduling a trip to Scotland and they lose sight of their other job.”

Cowherd's comments may come across as a bit harsh, but he's not exactly wrong. We all know at least one person who somehow finds a way to play golf three to four times a week while questioning how the hell they actually have time to hold down a job.

On the flip side of that argument, there are only 18 weeks in the NFL regular season plus a couple of playoff rounds, Romo isn't working 40-something weeks out of the year or anything.

Romo has well over half a year to get his golf fix in and did exactly that by qualifying for the 2023 U.S. Amateur Four-Ball later this year. The former Cowboy has also teed it up in a PGA Tour event in 2018.

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