Cole Beasley Reportedly Coming Out Of Retirement To Sign With The Bills

Cole Beasley's time in retirement didn't last long.

The veteran NFL receiver is planning on coming out of retirement to sign with Buffalo's practice squad, according to Mike Garafolo.

Garafolo reported that it shouldn't take long for Beasley to be elevated to the active roster. The talented NFL player made a lot of headlines during the pandemic for his outspoken criticism of the NFL's draconian COVID policies. At one point, he was fined roughly $100,000 for not adhering to the league's insane rules, which are all even more comical in hindsight.

Cole Beasley is back with Josh Allen.

Well, Cole Beasley's stint in retirement didn't last long. He had a brief cup of coffee with the Buccaneers before deciding to hang it up, but he's now back just in time for a playoff run with the Bills.

He got plenty of time to allow his body to recover, heal up and he'll now get back to grinding as an NFL receiver.

If you're a fan of the Bills, this is a great addition for a postseason run. Beasley is a veteran who spent plenty of time in Buffalo.

In three seasons with the Bills, he hauled in 11 touchdowns and 2,438 receiving yards. In his total career, Cole Beasley has 5,726 receiving yards and 34 touchdown receptions. He entered the league in 2012 as an undrafted free agent.

The Bills are sitting at 10-3 with regular season games left against the Dolphins, Bears, Bengals and Patriots. Beasley should have plenty of time to get his feet wet and comfortable before the playoffs get underway.

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