Colby Covington Is Not Fond Of England; Bashes Their Women And Food

Don't expect UFC fighter Colby Covington to get any invites to Buckingham Palace or even a warm reception the next time he walks into a pub.

The man is not a big fan of England.

He was across the pond for the event and even weighed in as a backup fighter for the main event. Surely, he was able to put together a nice little vacation around his UFC duties. Maybe catch a show on the West End, take a Jack The Ripper, or try to get those dudes with the stupid furry hats to laugh.

Nope. He says he was miserable.

"First off, thank you for welcoming me to the UK. I can't say this has been a welcome place. The food sucks, the weather sucks, the girls definitely suck," he said. "But I mean, I do come from Miami — I'm the k=King of Miami — so it's tough to compare to Miami.

"It hasn't been an enjoyable trip. The only thing that would cap it off and make it so great is if Dana White comes and taps on my shoulder and I get to sub in tonight and go win that world title."

Covington Didn't Have To Do England's Ladies Like That... But The Food...

Oof. Covington hit England where it hurts: in the food and the ladies. Those are two things you'd never want to hear ragged on about your country. The English crowd probably would've rathered he said something about poor dentistry than bash the food and women.

Plus, I've seen a couple of James Bond flicks; the UK has more than churned out its fair share of objective beauties. That's off base. the food critique? The man might have a point on that one.

Yeah, I like fish and chips and bangers and mash. But those are just the foods good enough to make the trans-Atlantic voyage to American shores. Others didn't make the cut and weren't given space on the Mayflower or the Titanic (I'm not sure how the food got here).

Who wouldn't want some of the other English delicacies with appetizing names like "mushy peas" or "black pudding," the latter being a type of blood sausage.

I'm going to pass, and take my chances in a London McDonalds, thanks.

Surely Covington can't wait to get back to Miami so he can house a Cuban sandwich (which is American, by the way. Look it up).

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