Christian Pulisic May Actually Be In Shape For World Cup After Chelsea Sacks Skipper, Frees USMNT Star From Wrath Of Thomas Tuchel

Chelsea F.C.'s new owners are not standing for mediocrity, just three months after taking over in Fulham. The club announced that it sacked manager Thomas Tuchel on Wednesday morning.

Tuchel's tenure with The Blues came to a close after 100 matches. The club went 60-24-16 during that timeframe, but was unable to take the next step toward a Premier League or Champions League title. His ultimate demise came after Chelsea looked awful during a 0-1 loss to Croatian side Dinamo Zagreb on Tuesday.

Chelsea firing Thomas Tuchel is great news for Christian Pulisic and the United States Men's National Team.

When Tuchel was first hired in 2021, it seems like the perfect fit for Pulisic. The ex-Dortmund boss was reunited with the ex-Dortmund forward and it had the makings of a special relationship.

But that is not what played out. The further into Tuchel's tenure it got, the less Pulisic played.

Although the U.S. Wonderboy struggled with some injuries that kept him out of the lineup, the lack of time on the pitch could not be attributed entirely to his fitness. There was something off.

Pulisic's talent has shined in moments and he received significant minutes in a few crucial matches last season.

But he was far too often an afterthought. Tuchel left him on the bench more often than not.

Now, with Tuchel gone, Pulisic will have a fresh start. He chose to stay at Stamford Bridge despite rumors that he was going to leave during the summer, and may finally get the playing time he deserves with a new manager at the helm.

That will be extremely important for the United States' hope in the upcoming World Cup. Pulisic needs to get in form before the Premier League breaks and the national teams head to Qatar.

Training camp only goes so far for getting in shape and finding a rhythm, and in-match playing time is crucial. Pulisic was not receiving that opportunity under Tuchel. Under his new manager — who will hopefully play him more than his predecessor — he will have about two months to get himself right before competing internationally.

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