Chip Kelly Had A Surprising Reaction To UCLA Leaving The PAC-12

UCLA football coach Chip Kelly doesn't really care about the program moving to the Big Ten.

The Bruins and USC will both join the B1G in 2024, and while the news shocked the college football world, Kelly wasn't sweating something that was still a couple years away.

"I got the news in an hour or two there's going to be a vote of us going to the Big Ten. I said, 'Okay, when is that going to happen?' And they said two years. And I was like, 'Well, alright, give me a call in two years basically.' That's a lot of time," Kelly explained to Colin Cowherd during a Tuesday interview.

Apparently, Kelly is as cool as cucumber because I'm pretty sure he was the only one with that reaction.

When news broke that the Bruins and Trojans were going to ditch the PAC-12 for the Big Ten, it dominated headlines for weeks.

College football will never be the same once 2024 gets here, and an arms race is already unfolding between the SEC and Big Ten.

Yet, Kelly couldn't even be really bothered. He was busy hitting golf balls with Ohio State coach Ryan Day, and when it's time to talk about it in a couple years, he'll talk about it then.

Until then, he has the 2022 season to focus on.

Also, the fact Kelly was with Ryan Day when he got the news is the cherry on top. Of all the places to be in the world when getting the news about conferences changing, it's hard to imagine a funnier situation than being with the coach of a new rival.

The Bruins are currently 6-0 and ranked 11th in the country. Kelly has things roll in Los Angeles, and a November 19 matchup against USC should be epic. It will be great to see both programs in the Big Ten.