Check Out Sideline Video Of Justin Reid Gearing Up To Kick

One of the many kicking-related headlines from Week 1 of the NFL season involved Kansas City Chiefs safety Justin Reid.

Reid — who was a kicker in high school and drilled a PAT during the preseason — got the nod to kick after placekicker Harrison Butker sustained an injury.

Now, the Chiefs have put out some video of what happened when Reid had to spring into action, and it's fantastic.

It's pretty awesome to see that whole thing unfold.

However, the one thing that shocked me the most was when Reid worked out his post-kick handshake with punter/holder Tommy Townsend.

That was like learning how a magician saws a woman in half, I had always hoped that handshakes like that were just spur-of-the-moment things. Perhaps that's naive of me, but some of the magic disappears when the whole thing was choreographed ahead of time.

If I were in Reid's position I'd get the yips after Townsend brought up the handshake. I'd need to focus on my kick, but in the back of my head, I'd know I had a handshake to nail after I drilled one through the uprights.

That would totally take me out of it and I'd shank one into the cheerleaders.

Justin Reid must be able to focus on the task at hand better than the rest of us (or at least me).

Good on the Chiefs for throwing this together. I'm a sucker for some mic'd-up videos and this was a great one to get some new perspectives on an unusual situation.

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