Charles Barkley Drops The Hammer On ESPN, Kendrick Perkins' Race-Over-Everything Hot Takes

The hits keep coming for ESPN and confused NBA analyst Kendrick Perkins.

For those of us who once valued the Worldwide Leader in Sports for their commentary before they turned to a race-first approach for headlines, it's felt like years since someone boldly called them out for their off-the-mark sports takes.


Charles Barkley Slams Kendrick Perkins For 'ESPN Speak'

After the network's own J.J. Redick took a stand against the asinine "race is the reason" ESPN script that Perkins loves to recite on TV, other marquee figures in sports are also stepping up.

Joining Redick's critique of First Take and ESPN was NBA legend Charles Barkley.

Barkley appeared on Denver's "Altitude Sports Radio" to discuss the viral on-air rant by Redick and agreed with the ESPN pundit regarding the network's failure to speak on sports fairly rather than spewing narratives related to race.

Last week, Perk said Jokic was gaining privilege in the NBA MVP race because he's white (European).

“That’s asinine and silly,” Barkley said on Perkins’ assessment of Jokic. “Asinine, silly and stupid. Pick one of the words, whatever one you want.”

Barkley Won't Be A Parrot For Any Network

Barkley said that Perkins was drumming up more of the senseless hot takes that circulate the MVP conversation every season. Still, Barkley did not excuse Perk for his blind commentary and said it was a symptom of the "ESPN disease."

"I always talk about ESPN disease," Barkley added. "A lot of these guys, when they get on TV and stuff, they’re like, ‘well I’m on ESPN, I got to say something provocative.’ And you know the thing about it, you’re always gonna get some fools out there, you guys probably get some fools calling in agreeing with him!

"I can promise you this, I’ve never said anything on television just to get clicks, that don’t mean I’ve been right or wrong, whatever."

The former Suns star has been box office television for the average sports fan and 99.9 percent of NBA fans. Barkley has never shied away from speaking his mind on television. Whether it's off-the-cuff remarks that land him in trouble with the FCC or calling out the elephant in the room like the average person would, Barkley's commentary has always sounded fair.

Perkins, on the other hand, sounds like another network drone and claims he's a Spartacus figure without having an original thought to express.

Advantage: Barkley.

After Redick built support for being honest about ESPN's agenda, Perkins spoke out on the scene via Twitter.

Perkins' response focused on (you'll never guess) race.

ESPN has become a real clown show, and Kendrick Perkins doesn't mind being another mindless attraction.

As for Barkley, he'll continue to be one of the most magnetic NBA analysts on TV. No agenda required.