Caitlin Clark Reportedly Will Not Be On Team USA For Olympics In All-Time WTF Decision

The WNBA's most popular player will not be showcasing her skills and talents at the upcoming Paris Olympics next month, as Caitlin Clark reportedly has not made the team.

According to The Athletic, the star Indiana Fever player and this year's WNBA No. 1 overall draft pick will be watching the Olympics from home as Team USA head coach Cheryl Reeve and her staff are "favoring more veteran players." 

That sound you hear is millions of American sports fans simultaneously all saying "WTF?" out loud. 



Team USA's women's basketball team will instead reportedly include everyone from Diana Taurasi to A'ja Wilson and even Brittney Griner, who I'm sure the Russians will love to see if we play them. 

Although it is true that the roster is geared towards more veteran players with 9 of the 12 players having previous Olympic playing experience, the fact that the NCAA all-time scorer isn't included is downright absurd. 

You mean to tell me Clark - who just tied a WNBA record seven three-pointers on Friday while also scoring 30 points to help the Fever defeat the Washington Mystics - in only her first month playing professional basketball, by the way, isn't worthy of representing America?

You've got to hand it to the WNBA and their Commissioner Cathy Engelbert - who has practically been missing and unheard from in recent weeks as drama continues to engulf her league

Honestly, it's almost like the Caitlin Clark haters are deliberately trying to sabotage the league from becoming more popular. Just look at everything that's happened in the last few weeks regarding Clark's opponents purposely targeting her with hard fouls as well as disparaging her in post-game comments - it's been a clown show at times. 

It's like the WNBA has become the real-life sports version of Mean Girls. But unlike the movies, this has real repercussions. 



You know who is probably not happy with the decision to leave Caitlin Clark off the Olympic roster?

NBC - who has exclusive rights to broadcast all the Olympic Summer Games.

They realize Clark's starpower even if the league doesn't. As the old saying goes - numbers don't lie and in case Commissioner Engelbert needs a reminder, here ya go:

Games that have featured Caitlin Clark have averaged over 1 million viewers. Those without? Bring in less than 50% of that figure and barely break 400,000.

All I know is, if Christian Laettner was able to make the 1992 USA Men's Basketball roster, Caitlin Clark sure as hell can.

Maybe the heads of the WNBA should remind themselves of that team and what they were referred to; the ‘Dream Team.’

The word "Dream" stands out - because that's something that many new WNBA viewers that tuned in this season simply because of Caitlin Clark thought they were doing when they heard that she would be left off the Olympic roster.

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