Buck Showalter Named Most Handsome Major League Manager

Be careful if you plan on hitting a Mets game next season: the most handsome manager in the Majors, Buck Showalter, might steal your girl.

According to the team at Gambling.com Showalter is the most handsome manager in Major League Baseball.

Don't agree? Too bad, you've got to trust the science on this one.

That's because the researchers at Gambling.com used an app called Golden Ratio Face that uses measurements to determine beauty, or in this case, handsomeness. The app uses the Golden Ratio of Beauty Phi which is a measure of physical perfection developed by the ancient Greeks.

Showalter scored a whopping 8.65 out of 10 on Gambling.com's handsomeometer.

Buck, you dog.

The team at Gambling.com said that they took age into account while making their list. A press release says that they wanted to see which managers "are aging like fine wines and whose side-line stresses and strains have taken their toll throughout their managerial careers."

The Phillies' Rob Thomas came in second place which I think means that The NL East is officially the most handsome managerial division in baseball.

Someone had to get the raw end of the handsome deal and in this case, it was Matt Quatraro. The new Kansas City Royals skipper came in 30th.

This isn't the first time Gambling.com has busted out the Golden Ratio Face app to get the people talking.

In September, they analyzed NHL coaches. Edmonton Oilers bench boss Jay Woodcroft topped the list, with Darryl Sutter (Yes, Darryl Sutter) coming in second.

The Battle of Alberta is bringin' it.

The Capitals Peter Laviolette was done dirty and came in at No. 32.

They also named a most handsome NBA coach. That honor went to Cavaliers head coach J.B. Bickerstaff.

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