Bronny James, Not A 5-Star Recruit, Goes In Top 10 Of ESPN's Latest 2024 Mock Draft

ESPN apparently thinks Bronny James is going to be a top-10 pick in the NBA draft in the near future.

Bronny, the oldest son of NBA star LeBron James, will be eligible to come off the board during the 2024 draft, and while he definitely has a bright future, slating him as a top-10 pick right now is ludicrous.

He's not even a five star recruit. In fact, 247Sports has him rated as a four star prospect and outside of the top 30. The Sierra Canyon senior guard isn't even ranked in the top five players in the state of California.

Yet, ESPN has him projected to go 10th overall in 2024 to the Orlando Magic. The publication wrote the following in part while justifying his ranking:

James has earned his spot in lottery conversations with the significant jump he has made at Sierra Canyon in Chatsworth, California, this season, developing into arguably the best perimeter defender in his high school class while making strides in his perimeter shooting and playmaking ability.
As most of his peers have flatlined the past 12 to 18 months, James has grown, filled out his frame, found another gear with his explosiveness and become an absolute terror off the ball defensively thanks to his outstanding intensity and feel for the game.

Is Bronny James a legit NBA prospect?

To be crystal clear, Bronny James will almost certainly make it to the NBA. His last name will guarantee he gets a shot in the league no matter what else happens.

Even if he wasn't as talented as he is, and he is talented, being LeBron James' son definitely helps his stock.

Having said that, it's a BIG STRETCH to project Bronny James as a top-10 pick right now. Again, we're talking about a four star player. He's not even a five star in high school, and at 6'3", would be an incredibly undersized two guard in the NBA.

That's not to say you can't be an NBA talent as a four star. Plenty of guys in the NBA were four star players in high school, but none of them had the same attention Bronny has had. He's constantly watched and still couldn't earn that fifth star from recruiting sites.

Now, fans are supposed to believe he's going to be a top 10 pick next summer? Seems like a bit much.

For what it's worth, I recently spoke with a former pro basketball player who played more than a decade in the best leagues in the world overseas. He felt Bronny James was definitely an NBA prospect but years away from being ready. In fact, this seasoned basketball veteran didn't think Bronny James could dominate or be a star on a good European team next season.

He might not be good enough for the best teams in Europe coming out of high school, but he'll be a top-10 pick in the eyes of ESPN. Make it make sense.

Bronny James will earn money in the NBA, but declaring him a top-10 pick right now is just not realistic.

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