Bronny James Has The Highest NIL Valuation In America: REPORT

Bronny James is apparently the most valuable amateur athlete in the country.

The senior guard is reportedly down to Oregon, USC and Ohio State for his college options or he could also choose to go to the G League or overseas.

If he does choose the college route, he will immediately become the most valuable player for NIL in the country. Right now, values him at $7.5 million. That's nearly double Arch Manning's second place ranking at $3.7 million.

"The four-star combo guard in the 2023 recruiting class has signed notable agreements with Beats by Dre, Nike and PSD Underwear. In a commercial for Beats by Dre, he starred alongside his father, who signed with the brand in 2008 as the company’s first athlete brand ambassador," wrote when explaining his astronomical valuation.

Bronny James will be very rich before even sniffing the NBA.

Sierra Canyon senior already comes from a ton of money thanks to the fact his dad is LeBron James. When you're the son of a four-time NBA champion who is the face of the NBA, you're going to come from a ton of money.

Well, the fact he's LeBron James' son will also make sure Bronny has plenty of change in the book before he gets drafted.

For comparison, the football coach is almost always the highest paid employee on any campus. In many states, a football coach is the highest paid public employee. At $7.5 million a year, only a handful of college football coaches would make more than Bronny James.

The fact he's not even a five star recruit makes the matter even more insane. There are a lot better prospects than Bronny (he's still a great player), but due to who his father is, Bronny James has a valuation nobody else can touch.

Olivia Dunne, the star in the NIL game, has a $3.2 million valuation. The gap between Bronny and everyone else is huge.

Now, he needs to find his next playing location and prove he can cut it on his own. He's already done well at the high school level, but that means nothing once you take the next step. Sink or swim, he should have plenty of cash.

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