Brian Kelly Ruthlessly Trolls Lane Kiffin After LSU Beats Ole Miss

Brian Kelly handed Lane Kiffin an extra loss after LSU beat Ole Miss on the field.

The Tigers dominated the Rebels 45-20, and it was hands down the most impressive win of Kelly's short time so far in Baton Rouge.

Well, after the game was done, Kelly decided he wasn't done dunking all over Ole Miss.

The head coach of the Tigers trolled Lane Kiffin with a photo of himself wearing a t-shirt featuring his cringe dancing moves.

Kelly dropped the photo in response to a tweet Kiffin sent back on January 28.

For the record, Brian Kelly waited 267 days to get back at Kiffin taking a shot at his dancing recruiting videos.

To be clear, those videos are very cringe. I think we can all admit that, but if you're going to respond like Kiffin did, you better win once you square up on the field.

If you're going to talk that trash, you better back it up.

Clearly, Kiffin and the Rebels didn't back it up against Brian Kelly. The Tigers absolutely smashed the Rebels.

Jayden Daniels looked like a man possessed as he scored a total of five touchdowns. Once the clock hit zero, Kelly probably couldn't send that tweet fast enough from the LSU football account.

Again, Brian Kelly had been waiting 267 days to respond, and after getting a win on the field, he decided to notch another victory on social media. Just a ruthless move from the LSU coach, and that's why we love college football.