Braves Manager Brian Snitker Has Short Answer When Asked if the Team Would Sign Trevor Bauer

Trevor Bauer is undoubtedly the most intriguing free agent in Major League Baseball.

Bauer was released by the Los Angeles Dodgers after being reinstated following a lengthy suspension. Bauer claimed that the Dodgers were interested in bringing him back, but team officials contradicted him during their first public comments.


Bauer is facing an uncertain professional future, given the violation of MLB policy and nature of the allegations against him.

There would be immense media scrutiny directed toward whichever team decided to sign him.

And it doesn't seem like that team will be the Atlanta Braves.

Braves manager Brian Snitker was recently asked if the organization would be interested in bringing in Bauer.

His answer was short, and seemingly definitive.

That quick 'No' doesn't leave much room for interpretation.

Will Bauer Return to MLB?

Snitker's answer highlights the slim likelihood that Trevor Bauer ever pitches again in MLB.

Even though Bauer never faced charges, let alone being convicted of a crime, it seems like a dramatically uphill battle for him to return to the big leagues.

The suspension he received, the nature of the accusations and sportswriters' opinions of him and his guilt are likely to be tough to overcome.

On pure talent alone, Bauer is unquestionably worthy of a roster spot. But many teams, the Braves included, don't appear to want to take the PR hit from signing him.

It's possible that a team proves willing to take that risk with more separation from the suspension. Given Snitker's immediately dismissive attitude, however, that may be some time down the road.

Bauer can be signed for the major league minimum. But even that clearly isn't enough to tempt the Braves.

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