Bill Simmons Says Tyler Herro Is 'The Best American White Guy' In The NBA

Bill Simmons has officially declared Miami Heat guard Tyler Herro as the "best American white guy" in all of the NBA.

While there isn't a plethora of white Americans in the league, Simmons very clearly enjoys Herro's game, which is why he has awarded him with his second straight Mokeski Award.

"Cruising to his second straight Mokeski Award for our best American White Guy. (He’s only eight trophies away from Larry Legend.) I love that Herro rebounds—almost six a game this season. Might have a 25-7-5 / 45-40-85% season in him some day."

"He’s only 23. But for a $120 million extension, I kinda want him to be able to defend a little," Simmons wrote while ranking Herro No. 55 in his NBA Trade Value story.

Luka Doncic is by far and away the best white player in the NBA, but seeing as how he's Slovenian, he doesn't qualify for the 'best American white guy' title.

Herro, now in his fourth season in the league, is well on his way to having the best season of his young career.

The Kentucky product is averaging 20.3 points per game, but as Simmons noted, he's getting work done on the glass while averaging just shy of six rebounds per contest.

The Heat have been streaky this season but currently find themselves at 29-24 on the year and sixth in the Eastern Conference. It's hard to imagine where this Heat team would be if Herro wasn't consistently putting up big numbers.

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