Big Ten Schools Claimed Top Three Spots In Overall College Football Attendance

The Big Ten dominated the top of the college football attendance rankings.

With the 2022 season in the books other than the national title game, it's time to dig into some fun off-the-field data, and the Big Ten dominated the top of the attendance mountain.

The B1G took all three spots in average per game attendance for the regular season in the following order:

While the SEC couldn't manage to crack the top three, LSU, Tennessee, Alabama, Texas A&M, Georgia and Florida did all crack the top 10.

In major college football, Kansas saw the largest increase at 180.02% from 10,675 in 2021 to 29,892 in 2022.

The Big Ten is home to a lot of passionate fans.

The B1G has a couple things going for it that allow the conference to own the top spots. First, the conference has some massive stadiums.

In fact, Michigan, Penn State and Ohio State have the three largest college football stadiums in the country.

So, when the teams are good - which all three were in 2022 - fans show up in large numbers, pack the stadiums and create an incredible atmosphere.

Now, if the teams are terrible, then maybe it's a bit easier to get seats. Fortunately for Michigan, Ohio State and Penn State, all three have been traditional powers for a long time.

The B1G is getting even richer.

As OutKick readers know, the Big Ten's new media deal will pay the conference north of $1 billion annually. That means the incredibly wealthy conference will soon have even more money to spread around.

That directly translates into better facilities, higher coaching salaries and more resources. So, anyone hoping the B1G will fall soon is setting themselves up for disappointment.

Even without winning the national title, the Big Ten clearly still had a great 2022. Now, it's time for an even better 2023.