Biden White House Invites Georgia Bulldogs After Missed Invitation Last Year

After a year of questioning, the Biden Administration has invited the national champion Georgia Bulldogs to visit the White House. Biden and his team did not invite the Dawgs last year, to the befuddlement of college football fans everywhere.

On Wednesday, the administration finally cracked, announcing that the Bulldogs are scheduled to visit to White House after winning their second-straight national title.

The outcry from Georgia politicians and personnel over the lack of an invite last year reflected poorly on Biden. In all likelihood, Biden used COVID as an excuse to hold off the traditional visit from the champion team.

Georgia blew out TCU in the national championship game, 65-7.

Former President Donald Trump hosted the LSU Tigers in 2020 and Alabama in 2021.

Before the White House's announcement on Wednesday, a Bulldogs player voiced their frustration with not getting invited.

Bulldogs defensive lineman Warren Brinson tweeted, "No invite to the White House is crazy."

OutKick's Clay Travis went on Fox & Friends Wednesday morning to question the White House for not inviting Georgia.

Considering we got our answer hours later, it's safe to say that Clay was the reason they finally wrote back.

"This morning I ripped the Biden White House for not inviting Georgia’s football team for a title visit the past two years. This evening the Biden White House invited Georgia to visit. Looks like they watch Fox News too," Clay tweeted.

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