Ben Simmons is ‘Stealing Money’ From the Nets, According to Stephen A. Smith

Stephen A. Smith did not hold back when discussing the Brooklyn Nets and would be star player Ben Simmons.

Simmons is in his first healthy season in Brooklyn, and it has not gone particularly well.

During ESPN’s NBA Countdown show, Smith said that with his poor performance, Simmons is essentially ”stealing money” from his current team.

“Ben Simmons, it’s a sad situation,” Smith explained. “And I don’t mean this literally, because obviously, he’s not doing it, but one would say, he is stealing money.”

Smith admitted he was speculating, but also said he believed a recent Smith ejection was a purposeful decision.

“Let’s call it what it is y’all,” Smith later said. “Ben Simmons got ejected last night on purpose. That’s just me talking.”

He may have a point about Simmons poor performance. Rumors have persisted virtually the entire season that the Nets weren’t happy with him.


Smith Calls Out Simmons’ Struggles

Simmons is undoubtedly having the worst season of his career.

He’s averaging just 7.5 points per game, and the worst PER rating of his career at just 14.3.

His “offensive win shares” has also collapsed, to just 0.6.

But beyond his statistics, his on court demeanor and attitude has also been frustrating for Nets fans.

Smith’s point, that his ejection and poor performance symbolized a lack of effort, certainly has some merit.

The Nets definitely thought they would be getting a much more effective version of Simmons, and so far he hasn’t delivered.

Whether that’s due to poor performance, disinterest, or a combination of both is hard to say. But it’s pretty clear which side of that debate Smith comes down on.

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