Bears QB Justin Fields Spends Preseason Game Running For His Life

Chicago Bears quarterback Justin Fields was under constant pressure Thursday night against the Seahawks.

During the 27-11 preseason win for Chicago, the former Ohio State star spent his time on the field running for his life.

A video tweeted by Warren Sharp perfectly showcases how Fields rarely had enough time to breathe.

Fields will be lucky to survive the season behind the absolutely horrendous offensive line in Chicago.

The Bears offensive line probably couldn't stop a leaky faucet. It's unbelievable how bad the line is at protecting the team's former first round pick.

What is the thinking behind drafting a QB in the first round and then not giving him an iron curtain of protection?

It might only have been a preseason game, but it's clear from Fields' limited reps that he's going to be in massive trouble all season long.

If the team isn't willing to protect him, he should march into the GM's office and refuse to play until the situation on the field won't result in him getting his head taken off.

Fields is athletic and mobile, but no QB is athletic enough to constantly have to run for their life because the line can't block.

The Bears are in serious trouble this season, and that's putting it lightly. Best of luck to Fields. He's going to need it behind that atrocious line.

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