Baker Mayfield Reacts To Carolina's Terrible 0-2 Start

Carolina Panthers quarterback Baker Mayfield isn't too worried about the team's terrible start.

The Panthers are currently 0-2 after losing to a Browns team being led by Jacoby Brissett and a bad Giants team.

It's definitely not what Panthers fans were hoping for when the team traded for the former first overall pick. While fans might be happy, Mayfield isn't sweating.

"Nobody's hitting the panic button yet. It also helps that we've lost two games by five points," Mayfield told the media Wednesday.

To be clear, it doesn't help at all that the Panthers lost two games by five points. Losing is losing and winning is winning.

If you lost by one or lost by 100, you still lost. There are no moral victories in sports. Anyone who says otherwise is a loser.

Secondly, Mayfield has been abysmal through two games with the Panthers. He's averaging fewer than 200 passing yards a game, has only completed 53.6% of his passes and has thrown just two touchdowns.

Mayfield is not just off to a slow start with the Panthers. He's off to a horrible start, and the team is now 0-2. You know how you could have likely made up five points? Complete a few more passes for a few more yards to keep the offense on the field.

Instead, the Browns have scored a total of 40 points so far this season. You're not going to win many NFL games averaging just 20 points.

Baker Mayfield better hope the Panthers turn it around soon. If not, fans will quickly abandon him.

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