Auburn Disputes Report Hugh Freeze Agreed To Give Up His Social Media Accounts

Auburn football coach Hugh Freeze didn't agree to give up his social media accounts, according to the program.

The Tigers hired Freeze Monday, and the job reportedly came with the string attached that he had to "relinquish control of his social media accounts," according to SI's Pat Forde.

However, Auburn officials told OutKick Tuesday morning that the report from Forde "is not accurate." OutKick further pressed to see if there will be any monitoring at all, and we will update the readers once we have an answer.

As of right now, Freeze's contract information isn't fully public. Once it drops, fans will get a crystal clear answer.

What is the deal with Hugh Freeze?

As pointed out by OutKick's Glenn Guilbeau, there is a ton of baggage surrounding Hugh Freeze. He was run out of Oxford after allegedly using a university phone to contact escort services, but that's not the most important issue involving social media.

Let's not forget he allegedly DM'd a former Liberty student and sexual assault survivor defending Ian McCaw. McCaw left Baylor following the sexual assault scandal within the athletic department program. Liberty also dealt with it's own alleged massive sexual assault scandal that was the focus of a huge lawsuit.

Why did a D1 football coach allegedly send an unsolicited message on social media to a woman he didn't know about a sexual assault lawsuit? That still remains unclear, but it's an incredibly inappropriate thing to do. There's never a reason for a university employee or a grown man to ever privately message a woman in the manner he allegedly did.

Freeze's Twitter needs to be updated.

Despite the report being disputed by Auburn, Freeze's social media account definitely needs to be updated.

As of Tuesday morning, his Twitter bio still has a Liberty background photo and Liberty contact email. Somebody - really anybody - might want to update that. At least the avatar photo features Auburn gear.

Given the amount of baggage Freeze is carrying with him to Auburn, there's likely going to be a ton of stories about behind the scenes dealings. After all, this deal was reported days before it became official and the background check was "extensive," according to the same SI report. Ross Dellenger the "delay" in the hiring "was rooted in an extensive exploration" of Freeze's background.

Well, the ball is now rolling with the Tigers, and now, we'll see how everything shakes out with Freeze and Auburn.

*This piece has been updated with the most updated information from Auburn officials.

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