Atlanta Hawks Coach Quin Snyder Squares Up Against Disgruntled Player

We don't see a coach-on-player spat very often, and for good reason. 

But Atlanta Hawks coach Quin Snyder wasn't shy about squaring up against his own player. Snyder and Hawks guard Bogdan Bogdanovic got into a heated interaction in their recent win over the Chicago Bulls.

Despite having the lead at the time and seemingly on their way to victory, the Hawks personnel set off a sideline scuffle that required players to step in and separate Bogey from his coach, and Snyder from Bogey. 

Something uttered by Snyder during a timeout prompted Bogey to jump out of his seat. He hunted down Snyder and was kept away by players. 

Rather than letting Bogdanovic cool off, Snyder responded by getting back in the player's face. Anyone who's followed Snyder knows the coach doesn't appear to be the type to take crap from a player.

By now, Snyder's built his status as an elite coach.

The game ended Monday night, and the Hawks immediately dismissed the incident. 

Quin Snyder said after the game that he and Bogey square up frequently … spelling either a toxic culture in Atlanta or an impressively tough player-to-coach connection.

Bogdanovic led all Hawks players with 20 points against the Bulls. Bogdan tallied 38 points in the game prior, seemingly benefiting from Snyder's counsel. 

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