Arnold Schwarzenegger Will Join Kelce Bros on 'New Heights' Pod

Travis Kelce and Jason Kelce are hosting a Hollywood legend on their "New Heights" podcast. 

‘The Governator’ Arnold Schwarzenegger is set to make an appearance on the Kelce pod's newest episode, set to drop on Wednesday.

For anyone who's ever liked movies, this is a major guest. 

The Kelce Bros. teased their latest guest, and audiences sat on the edge of their seats, hoping it'd be Taylor Swift.

Then, Schwarzenegger popped into the picture. The Schwarz has starred in cinematic classics like "Predator," "The Terminator" and "Terminator 2," "Conan the Barbarian," and most importantly, "Junior."

Excitement pulsated between Travis and Jason. The elder Kelce couldn't help but geek out over hosting big Arnold.

"Listen, my heart is pumping right now - because we have the king of pump in the building," Jason Kelce commented. "The originator of Pumping Iron. Our guest today is seven-time Mr Olympia, the former Governor of California."

Speaking of Pumping Iron … that's easily the most ‘underrated’ movie in his filmography but I digress. 

"Where's the baby oil? You're supposed to be oiled up when you introduce me," Schwarzenegger said in the promotional teaser. 

Taylor's fans will have to keep waiting for their queen to assume a guest spot on her boo's podcast — the ultimate sign of courtship in 2024.

Anyway … It's not a toomah!  

The newest episode of "New Heights" drops on Wednesday. The Kelces will travel back to the University of Cincinnati the following week to take a trip down memory lane, going back to their alma mater.

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