Antonio Brown Takes Completely Unnecessary Shot At Brady And The Bucs

Antonio Brown continues to behave like a clown on social media.

Brown is no stranger to controversy and ever since flaming out of the NFL in spectacular fashion, he's had a long list of dumb decisions.

Following the Buccaneers losing Sunday to the Browns, AB decided to take a completely unprovoked shot at Tom Brady.

"Thought y’all could find someone do what i do @Buccaneers @TB12sports I’m still Waiting sorry ahhhhh boys," the former Buccaneers receiver tweeted. He also took a shot at Brady's personal trainer Alex Guerrero, but failed to correctly spell the man's name.

What is wrong with Antonio Brown?

It's truly amazing how you can pretty much set your watch to Antonio Brown doing dumb stuff. He produces a never-ending stream of poor decisions.

Just recently, he shared a private 2021 text message from Tom Brady and shared a fake naked photo of Gisele.

The man just loves causing problems.

The worst part about Brown's consistently disappointing behavior is that Brady helped him continue his NFL career.

If it weren't for Tom Brady, would Brown have ever played against when the Patriots cut him loose? It's hard to say, but having Brady go to bat for him with the Bucs definitely moved the needle. Instead of being grateful for Brady sticking his neck out for him, Antonio Brown has displayed conduct that probably makes Brady regret it every single day.

What will Antonio Brown do next? It's impossible to say, but you can bet the house it will be just as dumb as everything else we've seen. Just incredibly unjustifiable behavior from the former NFL star.

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