Announcers, Crowd Lose Their Minds During Insane Darts Leg

The sport of darts isn't just something that ESPN uses to flesh out its Saturday schedule when there's no college football or basketball.

Dart players (Dartists?) Michael Van Gerwen and Michael Smith wowed the crowd at the PDC World Darts Final with an unbelievable leg.

Even if you don't know the finer points of darts (it's not that I can't; I just don't want to), it'll blow your mind the way it did the to the fans at the venue.

Even the announcers sounded like they were going to need an oxygen tank afterward.

Van Gerwen lost focus for a second (any avid dart watcher will tell you that's what happened). That momentary lapse in concentration and it cost him glory. That or the dart slipped out of his hand a little as he was throwing it. Who is to say?

Meanwhile, his opposing Michael — Michael Smith — was in the zone and ended with a perfect leg.

Not only did Smith have a perfect leg (and a damn fine beard) he also became your new world champion.

I've never seen the game played in a venue that wasn't where "Fat-Bottomed Girls" in the background on repeat courtesy of Touchtunes. There are usually a few people around smoking — ironically — a few lung darts too.

I always love seeing a fringe sport get some big-league love.

Darts must be a European thing. A skill honed in the pubs and taverns of the British Isles and western Europe. I'm kind of surprised the pros don't hold a pint of beer in one hand just for balance.

Whatever the case, congrats to these two on a leg for the ages.

You'd be hard-pressed to find two bigger Badasses of the Bullseye than Van Gerwen and Smith.

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