Andy Reid Took No Issue With Travis Kelce Bumping Into Him During Super Bowl, Claims It Wasn't The First Time

The most talked about moment of what was an underwhelming first half of Super Bowl LVIII involved Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid and tight end Travis Kelce, and it wasn't something that happened on the field, but instead a tantrum on the sideline.

The Chiefs' offense got off to a slow start on Sunday night and things officially hit a fever pitch in the second quarter when running back Isiah Pachecho lost a fumble with Kansas City already trailing the San Francisco 49ers 3-0. Kelce wasn't on the field during the play and elected to let Reid know that he didn't appreciate not being out there.

Kelce not only walked over to his head coach and screamed in his face, but bumped into the 65-year-old causing him to lose his balance. Jerick McKinnon had to grab Kelce and pull him back to dissolve the situation.

Things picked up for the Chiefs in the second half, to put it mildly, with Kelce finishing the game with nine catches and 93 yards helping lead Kansas City to its second consecutive Super Bowl title.

The pair was understandably asked about their first-half dustup, and given that the vibes were at an all-time high, they both took the high road and didn't exactly get into specifics.

Kelce joked about the tantrum, saying "I’m gonna keep it between us unless my mic’d up tells the world. I was just telling him how much I love him."

Reid went into a bit more detail with his takeaway from the viral moment being that it just shows what a fierce competitor Kelce is.

"He caught me off balance," Reid said. "I wasn't watching. He was really coming over [and saying], 'Just put me in, I'll score. I'll score.' So, that's really what it was. I love that. It's not the first time. I appreciate him."

"The part I love is he loves to play the game and he wants to help his team win. It's not a selfish thing. That's not what it is. I understand that. As much as he bumps into me, I get after him and we understand that. He just caught me off balance."

It was simply a caught-up in the heat of the moment situation, nothing more, nothing less. Reid didn't take issue with Kelce's bump, therefore, no those who whined about it are complaining about nothing.

The pair has spent 11 seasons together in Kansas City and both vowed to make it 12 after the game announcing their plans to return for at least one more run at what would be a third-straight Super Bowl.

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