Allison Williams Tells Dan Dakich Why She Left ESPN Over Vaccine Mandate

Former ESPN reporter Allison Williams didn't expect the coverage she got after leaving the "worldwide leader in sports."

"I felt like I was like having a little bit of an anxiety attack for the first time in my life."

Williams departed from ESPN in October after opting not to take the COVID-19 vaccine, even though the company mandated it. Williams joined OutKick's Dan Dakich on Don't @ Me With Dan Dakich on Wednesday to talk about what led to her exit from ESPN.

The ESPN mandate for covering events was introduced in June and went into effect on Aug. 1. Williams said she was looking to have another baby and was concerned about the effects the vaccine would have on her pregnancy. In addition, Williams' doctor advised her that she didn't need to take the vaccine, as she wasn't in the high-risk category.

During this time, Williams was negotiating a new contract with ESPN as her deal was coming to an end. Any new contract would be contingent upon her getting the vaccine. Williams ultimately did not get the shot and left ESPN. She signed with The Daily Wire, a political outlet founded by Ben Shapiro, shortly afterwards.

Williams said she is not anti-vax, but anti-mandate.

"That's a problem with these mandates, Dan," Williams said. "They make people make health decisions for social reasons or for professional reasons. These decisions should be exclusively for health reasons, and that's what's scary about mandates. You’re forcing people to make decisions about their health because of societal implications."