Alabama State Players Cuss Out Deion Sanders

Jackson State and Alabama State won't be on each other's Christmas card lists anytime soon. Saturday, Hornets head coach Eddie Robinson Jr. gave Jackson State's Deion Sanders a post-game shove. But it turns out the animosity was present even before the game.

Alabam State players have been caught on camera swearing at Sanders, seemingly unprovoked.

You'd think an NFL legend like Sanders would command some degree of respect anytime he steps on a football field, but apparently not in Montgomery, Alabama.

Of course, after the game, Coach Robinson had his own message for Sanders.

There was some back-and-forth between the two coaches leading up to the game. It stemmed from comments Sanders made about Alabama State scheduling homecoming weekend for the game against his Tigers.

“It was brilliant to invite us there because, you’re going to make some money. But what comes with money?” Sanders said. “All money ain’t good money. But we gon’ learn.”

Unloading every nasty word you can think of sure doesn't seem like a congruent response to what Sanders said.

Who knows what the real cause of the pregame cuss fest was, but it sure seems like the Jackson State-Alabama State rivalry will be heated for quite some time.

Sanders' Jackson State Tigers are still undefeated this season. Their win over Alabama State this weekend was their twelfth-straight conference win.

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