Alabama Star Brandon Miller’s Twitter Banner Is Still A Photo Of Him Being Frisked

Alabama standout freshman Brandon Miller still prominently features a photo of himself being frisked on his Twitter account.

The Alabama forward sparked mass outrage Saturday afternoon when he was frisked by a teammate during team introductions prior to beating Arkansas.

Miller drove the vehicle carrying the murder weapon allegedly used by former teammate Darius Miles and Michael Lynn Davis to murder single mother Jamea Jonae Harris back in January. Miller's attorney has claimed he never saw the gun and didn't touch it, but hasn't ever said Miller was unaware of the presence of the weapon.

It's easy to understand why the optics of being frisked/patted down like you're searching for a weapon was incredibly inappropriate. After the game, head coach Nate Oats announced he was unaware that it has been happening all season, He vowed it would end now.

"It's not appropriate. It's been addressed and I can assure you it definitely will not happen again for the remainder of this year," Oats explained.

Brandon Miller still features a frisking photo on his Twitter.

As of Sunday morning, Miller's Twitter banner is the exact thing that upset so many people Saturday. The photo is, again, of a teammate patting him down as if performing a security search.

It's unclear exactly when the photo became his Twitter banner. The Wayback Machine doesn't have an accurate indication of when he might have designated that particular photo.

While it's unclear when the photo was made his Twitter banner, it is clear Miller, who police are treating as a witness, has been very active on Twitter since the murder of Jamea Jonae Harris.

He was liking tweets from just a few days ago, including tweets that appeared to be subtle defenses of him.

So, there was definitely ample time for him to choose a more appropriate banner since the murder of a single mother back in January. If Nate Oats says it's not appropriate to do for a game, it's clearly not appropriate anywhere.

Someone at Alabama needs to get control of this situation.

It's truly incredible how Alabama has managed to bungle this situation. Nate Oats infamously said earlier in the week that he "can’t control everything everybody does outside of practice."

He later revised his comments following widespread and intense criticism. Then, he claimed on Friday he'd done the right thing by continuing to play Miller. Saturday, the frisking happened during introductions and all hell broke loose. For those saying it happened all season, it's irrelevant.

Read the room. It might have been appropriate earlier in the season being a play on what a great basketball “shooter” Miller undeniably is. But once an Alabama player - Darius Miles - was arrested for allegedly murdering a single mom with a weapon driven to him by Brandon Miller, the frisking should have stopped immediately. An adult in the room should have immediately put an end to it and told Miller to change his Twitter.

A young mother is dead, and an Alabama player has been arrested for the murder and Brandon Miller drove the vehicle carrying the alleged murder weapon. Show some respect for the severity of the situation and knock off the nonsense.

OutKick has reached out to the Alabama basketball program to see if the banner image will be changed. We are still waiting on a response.

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