Alabama Staffer Needs Police Protection To Get Off The Field Against LSU, Appears To Get In Chippy Confrontation

An Alabama staffer needed the help of multiple police officers to get off the field Saturday against LSU.

Following the Tigers pulling off a shocking 32-31 win over the Crimson Tide, LSU fans flooded the field. Whenever Alabama loses on the road, you can bank on students and fans rushing the field.

However, for Alabama staffer Eric Van Nostrand, the situation got a shade too intense. In a video posted by Michael Casagrande, an LSU fan appeared to get in a chippy exchange with Nostrand, who is a purple heart veteran and Assistant Director of Player Development. Eventually, police stepped in and got him off the field. reported police threatened to arrest the fan stirring up the situation, but it appears that never ended up happening.

To be clear, it's not easy to understand what was being said to the Nostrand. The LSU fan appeared to be really fired up, and it also appeared his friend attempted to talk him down.

As you can see, police surrounded the member of the Crimson Tide staff before finally getting him off the field.

Alabama is on high alert when it comes to fans storming the field.

Given the situation with Jermaine Burton when Tennessee stormed the field, everyone is on edge when it comes to fans on the field. The last thing anyone wants is another physical confrontation.

To Nostrand's credit, he appeared to do everything possible to avoid confrontation and had the police assist him getting off the field.

Being a former Marine likely helped him identify the situation he was in and how to get out of without escalating.

People really need to learn how to relax when it comes to storming the field. Have your fun, but there's no need to cross the line. Leave people alone and odds are high there won't be any issues.