Air Force Players Sing 'Sweet Caroline' With Gusto In Awesome Video

Air Force football players aren't afraid to bust out their singing voices.

The Falcons will play Baylor in the Armed Forces Bowl Thursday night, and ahead of the game, members of the squad sang Neil Diamond's legendary hit "Sweet Caroline."

Fire up the impressive performance below.

While Air Force might not be great when it comes to airing the ball out on offense, the team apparently has no problem coming together for a little music.

If you're going to do a team song, you have to pick a classic. That's simply a fact. You have to go with an all-time great.

Personally, nothing beats "Take Me Home, Country Roads" when it comes to doing a great group performance. It's unbeatable. The John Denver hit brings people together better than a case of cold light beer.

However, if you're not going to go with "Take Me Home, Country Roads," Sweet Caroline is a great runner-up. Everyone knows the Neil Diamond hit, and it's the perfect tone and vibe for a great time.

Clearly, Air Force players were loving it. Were they singing a bit off key? Maybe, but that's not the point. They were having a ton of fun.

If this is the energy the team has against Baylor, the Falcons might be lined up for a nice bowl win Thursday night.