'Addicting': Joe Flacco Drops Bold Line About Winning In The NFL

New York Jets QB Joe Flacco thinks winning in the NFL is a lot like taking drugs.

The Jets pulled off a stunning 31-30 Sunday win over the Browns, and the veteran QB slung two TD passes in the final 1:30 to secure the win.

What was the feeling like? Well, it might have been like using illicit substances.

"Winning in the NFL is like a drug. Not that I have experience with drugs, but it is addicting. It’s a powerful thing. This is my seventh start for the Jets and my first win. See that ball right there? I kept it," Flacco explained to the New York Post following the incredible win for the Jets.

Joe Flacco balled out to help the Jets beat the Browns.

Not only did the Jets beat the Browns to improve to 1-1 on the season, but Flacco looked like his old self out there.

The former Ravens star and Super Bowl champion threw for 307 yards, four touchdowns and zero interceptions in the win.

Imagine hearing that Joe Flacco would put up that kind of stat line during the 2022 season. Nobody would have believed you just a few months ago.

Yet, that's exactly what he did and the Jets now have a win over a solid Browns team.

Can Joe Flacco keep things rolling against the Bengals? Well, he got a taste of the addiction, and he'll most certainly keep chasing that feeling.

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