Adam Thielen Spits Out 'Dry' Thanksgiving Turkey On Live TV

Adam Thielen wasn't impressed with the turkey he was served Thursday night.

The Minnesota Vikings receiver tried to enjoy some turkey cooked for the NBC broadcast after beating the Patriots 33-26, but he wasn't a fan.

"It's a little dry," Thielen said laughing before turning around and spitting it out on live TV.

It's never a good thing when a guy publicly roasts the food he's served for Thanksgiving. People might throw hands if you do that at a private family dinner.

Now, imagine doing it in front of millions of viewers on NBC. That cook had to be down real bad. He probably spent all day making what he thought was a fire turkey for the Vikings/Patriots game.

It was the last game of the night, it was under the lights, the country was watching as a way to close out a great game, and then Adam Thielen just roasted the food like it was nothing.

Not only did the Vikings star claim the turkey was too dry, he legit spit it out on the ground. You have to really hate food in order to spit it out.

Now, imagine how bad food has to be in order to spit it out on national television. Again, that chef had to be just emotionally destroyed. What should have been a highlight night turned into a disaster thanks to Adam Thielen's taste buds.

Note to all future chefs dealing with Thielen and the Vikings. Don't serve him dry turkey unless you're ready for his brutally honest reaction on live TV.

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