Aaron Rodgers Seems To Miss Mike McCarthy

Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers have struggled mightily in 2022, with a disappointing 3-6 record.

The future Hall of Famer is having one of his worst seasons, with seven interceptions already his highest total since 2016.

Although to be fair, he's still having a better year than Tom Brady:


So it's not entirely surprising that he's revisiting the past ahead of this weekend's rematch with now-Cowboys coach Mike McCarthy.

During an interview with the Green Bay Press Gazette, Rodgers talked about learning of McCarthy's firing in 2018.

“That was a really strange night for sure,” Rodgers said. “When something like that happens, and it’s so jarring, there’s a state of shock that happens that I think kind of stuck with me for a while.”

He doesn't exactly sound like someone who's entirely moved on.

While Rodgers and McCarthy certainly had their disagreements, it seems as if their relationship has faded to mutual respect.

While he claimed to not make comparisons between coaches, his interview certainly seemed to imply that he does:

"I think that’s probably normal in any relationship you have, when you’re able to take time away and you have that separation,” Rodgers said, “it’s natural to look back and have a greater sense of appreciation and gratitude for that time. I think comparison is definitely the enemy of joy. So you never want to compare this to that. I don’t think that’s fair to anybody involved, but I think it’s normal to think about the things that you really loved about that relationship or that style or that program, and just contemplate how special some of those moments were. How the journey was really the most important thing, and the ups and downs."

Rodgers Always 'Tied' With McCarthy

As for McCarthy's first trip back to Lambeau, Rodgers said he's "thankful" and hopes McCarthy gets a good reception:

“Thankful for the incredible moments – the highs that we had, there were many of them – and thankful for the low moments, too. Because it gives you perspective on life. Life is not all about the beautiful ups. It’s the downs that you learn the most lessons on, I think.”

Rodgers admitted that he believes he'll always be connected to McCarthy:

“I’ll always be tied with him,” Rodgers said, “because of the connection that we had and the years we spent together. Obviously my longest-tenured coach, longest-tenured play caller. Thankful for those years, and thankful maybe a little bit more as the years go by.”

That certainly sounds like someone who didn't fully appreciate what he had until it was gone.

Rodgers has repeatedly clashed with Packers decision makers, especially after they drafted Jordan Love.

While he had disagreements with McCarthy too, Rodgers doesn't seem particularly happy with his current coaching situation.

Given how the season's played out for both teams this year, he might be even more unhappy after Sunday.

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