Aaron Rodgers 'Close' To Revealing His Decision

It's almost time.

An ESPN report on Thursday said Aaron Rodgers is about ready to make his decision and will inform the Packers of it "shortly."

Dianna Russini adds that multiple teams have already placed trade offers on the table.

ESPN's report suggests Rodgers has made up his mind or has a strong leaning. If you read OutKick, that isn't a surprise.

Rodgers likely made up his mind weeks ago. But he enjoys the process of playing the media. Thus, instead of announcing his decision, Rodgers is posting cryptic IG posts in the middle of the night. 

Coming into the season, reports said that the Packers had unofficially agreed to trade Rodgers this offseason, should he make that request. However, Packers GM Brian Gutekunst told reporters on Wednesday that he never made that promise. Gutekunst says he only agreed to discuss Rodgers' future after the season.

So even if Rodgers informs the Packers he wants out, the drama could continue for months. 

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