Aaron Judge Says He’s ‘Just Getting Started’ on Home Run Records

New York Yankees star Aaron Judge had a remarkable 2022 season.

Judge set an American League record with 62 home runs, breaking Yankees legend Roger Maris’s record.

That wasn’t even the extent of his incredible offensive output in 2022.

According to Fangraphs, he contributed 11.4 WAR and contributed 86 runs more than the average MLB hitter. His slugging percentage was an astonishing .686, to go along with a .425 on base percentage.

Over the last two full seasons, Judge has hit 101 home runs, far and away the most in the majors.

But according to him, there’s a lot more coming.

One New York Post reporter asked him about potentially challenging Barry Bonds’ all-time record of 762 career homers.

To beat it, Judge would have to average 54 home runs per season over the next 10 years. And he certainly seemed to like the idea of trying.

“Man,” he said, “fifty-four is a pretty good number. That’s tough. You don’t see too many guys later in their careers still putting up the 50s, so maybe if I do a little bit of work right now and put up some bigger numbers now, maybe it could happen. It’s out of my hands. It’s just about me showing up here, putting the work in, making the adjustments, and hopefully we can have another conversation in 10 years.”

Judge To Challenge 70 Homers?

When asked if he could potentially get to 70 homers in a season, he was non-committal.

“We’ll see,” Judge said. “It’s fun to think about, fun to dream about. … It could happen, it couldn’t, but I think the unknown is what’s pretty exciting.”

One thing is for certain though, he wants to keep playing as long as possible.

“I’m just getting started,” he explained.

Maybe if Judge does get to 70 homers, the Yankees may actually let him have in-flight Wi-Fi for free.


While Judge’s confidence and goals are commendable, and Yankees fans will certainly love to hear it, getting to such lofty numbers may not be achievable.

Players of his size generally don’t age particularly well, as it’s harder to stay in peak physical condition. Teammate Giancarlo Stanton has already battled injuries repeatedly in his career.

That said, Judge mentioned sports medicine improving dramatically, and he has a point.

Seeing how good he can be in 2023 will certainly be a compelling storyline to follow regardless.

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