Aaron Hernandez's Ex-Fiancée Accused Of Mishandling Child's Trust Fund Of Over $830K

Following Aaron Hernandez's death a trust fund of over $830,000 was left for his daughter, Avielle. But Hernandez's ex-fiancée and mother of the 10-year-old child is now accused of mishandling the funds.

Shayanna Jenkins-Hernandez and the former NFL tight end were never married and did not have a will, therefore her only legal role is the conservator of the money left for their daughter.

Jenkins-Hernandez's legal team submitted an invoice for reimbursement from the trust fund claiming the expenses are related to her daughter. The attorney and trustee of the fund, David Schwartz, objected the request after taking note of the expenses.

According to the Boston Globe, Jenkins-Hernandez spent thousands and thousands of dollars on various things including $36,858 on clothing, nearly $40,000 on home goods, and almost $12,000 in "self care" which include visits to hair and nail salons.

There was also an odd expense of $3,720 for Bay Path University, a private college in Massachusetts. This is of course suspect given Avielle is only 10 years old.

“There is reason to question whether the expenditures were for Avielle’s benefit,” said attorney Robert O’Regan, who is representing Schwartz in the court dispute. “To be fair, this little girl should have a decent life with what her father left for her. No one would complain if there were reasonable expenses. We’re talking about over the top or otherwise unrelated expenses to Avielle."

Jenkins-Hernandez and Schwartz first butted heads in September 2022 when she asked for $10,000 from the trust to cover her daughter's dance lessons. This request was denied as Schwartz cited that Jenkins-Hernandez is given around $150,000 in funds per year via Hernandez's NFL pension and social security to cover Avielle's daily expenses.

O'Regan believes Jenkins-Hernandez may feel entitled to the trust fund and feels as if she can spend the money as she pleases.

“We are dealing with human behavior here,” O’Regan told the Globe. “If you’re someone like Shayanna — someone in this situation with Aaron, who was an NFL superstar for a championship football team who dies and leaves a child, you might think you get to spend this money any way you want. Nobody told her she can’t or she’s not listening.”

Schwartz, the trustee of the fund, has asked for Jenkins-Hernandez to be removed as Avielle's conservator.

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