Sports Reporter Kristina Pink Takes Nasty Fall After Water Is Poured On Court

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Fox Sports reporter Kristina Pink says she’s “Ok” after taking a nasty fall Sunday while conducting a post-game interview as part of her Bally Sports job with the Los Angeles Clippers. Pink was interviewing Amir Coffey, who tied a career-high with 21 points in a 106-93 win over the Atlanta Hawks when teammates came up behind Coffey and poured water on him.

After concluding her interview with Coffey, Pink slipped on the water and fell violently to the court. Sunday night, Pink acknowledged that the water on the court contributed to the fall. “Appreciate all the messages,” she tweeted.

Here’s Kristina Pink falling on the court:

It’s safe to say the NBA could stand to send out a notice to its players to wait to pour water on teammates until they’re in the locker room and sideline reporters are back to their safe spaces where they are less likely to break a hip or end up knocking themselves unconscious.

Kristina Pink has a good excuse if she’d like to take a couple of days off work. That was about as nasty of a fall as you’re going to see.

Written by Joe Kinsey

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