Why Is the Sports Media Protecting Michael Bennett?

Yesterday evening Michael Bennett, the racebaiting, lying fraud who falsely accused three minority police officers in Las Vegas of racially profiling him and refuses to stand for the national anthem yet was nominated as the Seattle Seahawks man of the year anyway, dove at the back of Jacksonville Jaguar center Brandon Linder’s knees. You can watch that dirty play here.

It’s worth noting that this was during a kneel down situation, when the outcome of the game had already been decided. The dirty play by Bennett led to a ugly ending to the game, one that nearly finished with a melee involving a Seattle Seahawks player climbing into the stands to fight angry fans.

Yet the sports media, by and large, isn’t demanding a suspension for Bennett or really covering the story as they did Rob Gronkowski’s dirty play last week. Why? Because the sports media has consistently protected Michael Bennett, even as evidence continues to pile up that he’s a lying, fraudulent ass.

Why does the sports media protect Bennett?

Because Bennett is a left wing social justice warrior and so are most members of the sports media, particularly those living in Seattle.

You’ll recall that Outkick first wrote about Bennett extensively when the Las Vegas police department proved he was a liar. I’d encourage you to go read that article as well as watch all the videos surrounding that police incident in Las Vegas if you haven’t already. There is 100%, irrefutable proof that Bennett lied about this racial incident to police — further widening the divide between police and minorities in this country — yet virtually no media covered Bennett’s lies being exposed. That’s despite the fact that ESPN, Fox, CBS and NBC all led their NFL game coverage with Bennett’s allegations of racism.

It’s amazing how when a liberal lie is exposed it just disappears.

Poof, be gone.

So much so that not one article writing about Bennett’s nomination for NFL man of the year even so much as mentioned the false allegation in their stories.

What’s more, virtually no media even ASKED Bennett about the fake racial incident for nearly a month. Indeed, in an unbelievable moment, NBC actually had an exclusive interview with Michael Bennett the very week his lies were exposed and didn’t even discuss the incident with him.

Instead NBC focused on why Michael Bennett’s shoulder pads were so small.


The media has perpetuated the charade that Bennett isn’t a fraud despite continuing evidence of his lies and lack of commitment to the causes he claims to endorse. Alleging false racism via disproven lies merely serves to create further division in our nation and delegitimize actual racism.

Yet no one else in the media has pointed this out. Instead, the media has continued to perpetuate a myth, that Bennett is a thoughtful and honest spokesperson for complex issues facing our country.

Don’t believe me? This past October when Bennett was asked what he thought about Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones wanting players to stand for the national anthem he compared himself to former slave Dred Scott.


A football player with a salary cap number of $15.4 million in 2017 — one who recently bought a second home in Hawaii for over $4 million — compared himself to a slave because an NFL owner had the absolute gall to want him to stand for the national anthem.

I must have missed the part of history books where slaves had multi-million dollar vacation homes.

Sign me up for that kind of slavery.

Once again, the media protected him, this story received barely a mention anywhere outside of Outkick.

As a result this week, in a story that seems like satire, the Seattle Seahawks NOMINATED MICHAEL BENNETT FOR MAN OF THE YEAR!

Seriously, the guy who made up a fake racism incident, refused to stand for the national anthem, and compared himself to an 19th century slave, was nominated for man of the year.

Are you really telling me that there wasn’t a single better representative for this nomination on the Seahawks this year? And are you also telling me that no one employed by the Seahawks realized how full of shit anyone with a functional brain was going to think they were the moment this nomination went public?

Fans across the league threw up their hands in exasperation. (If you’d like to be entertained go read the comments to this Seahawks Tweet above.) Really, this dude is the best the Seahawks have to offer? The guy who called three heroic minority Las Vegas police officers racist and refused to apologize even when the videos clearly showed he was a liar, was one of the 32 NFL players most worthy of emulation this season? The guy who dove at the back of another player’s knees seeking to intentionally injure him, setting off a near fight between fans and players, is the football player the league wants to honor? The guy who compared himself to a slave because an owner wanted his players to stand for the national anthem?

It’s laughably absurd.

Yet all too predictable.

Because as much as Bennett has deserved the condemnation of the media, the left wing sports media has protected him because they agree with Bennett’s world view. And if the media agrees with you, they’ll protect you, even when you’re incontrovertibly proven to be a lying, racebaiting fraud.

It’s the same reason almost no one is demanding Bennett be suspended today either.

It should be shameful, but, sadly, it’s all too predictable, because the left wing sports media is as dishonest and untrustworthy as the man they love and protect, Michael Bennett.

It’s a match made in NFL heaven, the perfect ending to an absolutely absurd season, a racebaiting liar as the man most worthy of emulation in the entire league.

So let me be the first to congratulate NFL Man of the Year, Michael Bennett!

Written by Clay Travis

OutKick founder, host and author. He's presently banned from appearing on both CNN and ESPN because he’s too honest for both.