4-Year-Old Nonverbal Autistic Boy Kicked Off Plane for Not Wearing A Mask

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Carter Kimball, a four-year-old boy diagnosed with nonverbal autism, and his father were forced off a Spirit Airlines flight on Monday because Carter didn’t bring a mask. The Spirit staff was undeterred by the doctor’s note exempting Carter from wearing a mask under the American Disability Act, according to THV11.

When Carter’s dad told the employees about his son’s condition, the employees responded by assuring him that his son did not have a disability. So, they can diagnose autism from afar now, huh?

“He had a medical note from his physician stating that he’s exempt from wearing masks because whenever he wears a mask he holds his breath or starts freaking out and he will harm himself,” Carter’s mom, Callie Kimball, told THV11.

After getting booted off the plane, Carter and his father were left in Las Vegas and had to pay $1,000 to catch a flight home. Unlike Spirit, American Airlines took the note and didn’t accuse the man of faking his son’s condition.

By the way, why exactly would someone, who is wearing a mask, lie about that? I don’t get what could be gained. Do they think the dad could afford only one mask?

Spirit has not issued an apology or refund.


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  1. Weird how the mainstream media seems to be ignoring the news and how social media is relatively muted on this outrageous story. Guess I am not surprised. Spirit Airlines’ cruelty (and complete disregard of the doctor’s order) ought to get itself cancelled.

  2. I encourage everyone here to keep pushing the boundaries of these stupid mandates. Make them difficult to enforce. Ignore them when possible. Complain to management when lower level workers try to enforce them. Deny your business to places that are strict, and thank places that are willing to look the other way. This will never end unless it is taken back by force.

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